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It not only provides news paper coverage to the single city but also the whole of Pakistan which includes Azad Kashmir and Gilgit. It is the fastest growing news paper agency in Pakistan. It is the premier Urdu news paper in which have Urdu columns for reading all columns of different people in Urdu.

Daily Urdu Columns

However, the daily Urdu columns not only provide Urdu columns for Pakistan people but also for the other countries of the world which includes India, South Africa, USA, United Kingdom and so on. Furthermore, its news papers also available in other countries, so the Urdu speaking people of different countries also read all news in own Urdu language. In Urdu columns today there is latest articles of various writers on this website. All columns are up to date which has valuable information for the readers.

In Urdu columns today there is latest articles of various writers on this website. All columns are up to date which has valuable information for the readers.

Islamic Urdu Columns

If you love Islamic information and wanted to know about Islam then there are Urdu columns for Islam. You can see many useful articles including Faizan-e- Madina. This is also the latest Islamic novels available in the columns section which you can learn and read every day.

Political Urdu Columns

There is also political columns for those people who wanted to know the current affairs of Pakistan and other countries including India. As you know that there is instability between the two countries India and Pakistan, so writers provide useful information about the current affairs of these countries. However, the political article is available in a pure Urdu language. You can easily read and understand what goes in the world.

Famous Urdu Columnists

There is also famous columns in the column section of Daily Ausaf News Paper. In that section, there is the best list of columns of the popular columnist. You can read the columns without any issue and one more important thing, these columns are for free. Although these are best columns you don't need to pay anything for reading these columns.

There is a complete list of a columnist who writes columns. You can open their links and able to know the more information of these columnists. These columnists write useful information for Daily Ausaf news paper.

Furthermore, in this section of Urdu news paper, there is an option to submit the column. If you are a columnist or loves to write on any topic like entertainment, sports, politics, current affairs, showbiz, weird, business, Islam, food or science. You can write and enhance your talent. It is a great opportunity for you to become a news paper writer for Daily Ausaf. Urdu columns online provide a good platform for you.

Moreover, the Daily Ausaf not only provides columns of popular columnist. The Daily Ausaf also gives very interesting information in the shape of weird news. This is the best news paper portal which never bored you as it has news for every type of person.

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